Public liability law

Austria is a democratic constitutional state. Its judges and civil servants are well trained and competent. Their activities are based on the law.


Sometimes, however, citizens suffer damages due to state action that can no longer be averted in regular proceedings. This begins with the
 This begins with the costs of removing unjustifiable decisions, which would otherwise not be compensated, and ends with compensation for unjustified imprisonment or for physical injury by a state organ. State liability for disadvantages due to late or inadequate implementation of EU law is also an aspect of this discipline.


As befits a state governed by the rule of law, it compensates its citizens for damage caused by the culpable and unlawful conduct of its organs. This is subject to a number of conditions. We will be happy to advise you on this.


Public liability law - the way to enforce your claims

If you have a claim against the state, we will take the necessary steps to enforce it, such as above all:

  • calling upon the State Financial Procurator's Office in the case of the Federal Government or the corresponding offices in the case of other legal entities;
  • bringing an action before the ordinary courts;
  • bringing an action before the Constitutional Court in the case of state liability.

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